Salary Packaging Application
1300 30 40 10
What to have ready to sign-up online
To make submitting your application easier, consider gathering the following documentation or information you may need before continuing.
Employment Details
We’ll need to know a few things that should be on your payslip. Your employee number(s), gross salary, pay-cycle and pay office. If you’re not sure of those details, have a chat to your payroll department. 
Your Bank Details
To help us reimburse your claims, tell us your bank account details so we can make sure your application is ready to go once it's approved.
Are you paying a ‘catch-up’ superannuation rate?
If you have arranged a ‘catch-up’ compulsory standard contribution with your super fund, you will not be able to complete your application online. Please call our customer service team to get set up on 1300 30 40 10
It should only take around 10-15 minutes to apply
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